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Drassanes Dalmau Shipyard delivers a new passenger boat for Gran Canaria


Drassanes Dalmau Shipyard delivers a new passenger boat for Gran Canaria

Last month of November Drassanes Dalmau shipyard finishes the construction of the new monohull passenger boat “Salmon Doce” for the shipping company Lineas Salmón of the Palmas de Gran Canarias. The second boat of passengers of this shipping company build by Drassanes Dalmau.  


The boat is a passenger monohull of 20m length for 6 m beam, with capacity for 170 passengers, submarine vision, bar at the main deck, bow area for the cetacean sighting, private cabin for the ship-owner, height limitation for travelfit, stern embarkation through a ramp. The fuel tanks capacity is 10000L that means a big autonomy with the aim to allow large transfers and decrease stops to refuel during daily operation.  


In this boat, as the rest of the models built by Drassanes Dalmau Shipyard, special attention has been given to safety beyond the current demanding regulations, satisfying stability criteria in damages, with a capacity of the live rafts that guarantee in case of losing one of them, that the others covers the totality of the passengers, auxiliary boat, radar, AIS, auxiliary engine, autonomous group on the deck, auxiliary controls on the sides to improve mooring maneuvers, hydraulic maneuver propeller, closing TV System, firefighting System in the engines room for CO2, centralized fire detection system, motorized closing of ventilation doors,...


The new boat has been specially conceived for the cetacean sighting, allowing all passengers to enjoy the experience.  Passengers could distribute in the boat castle, where they don’t disturb the visibility of the bridge in the superior deck with a visibility of 360º due the bridge is at medium height and on the main deck, where there are some retractable sliding windows that allow to the passengers enjoy a panoramic view totally opened and at the same time, if the if the wind conditions require it, close laterally the deck to improve comfort. Like a curiosity, in the main deck bar there is a screen connected to a submarine vision camera that allow to the passengers of this deck to enjoy the seabed while they are comfortably seated

The boast has also a place for a guide on the roof of the command bridge from where a specialist can watch cetaceans and guide passengers through a wireless megaphone System.


The boat has been designed thinking since the first moment to offer the greatest possible comfort to all passengers guaranteeing mobility for the whole boat.  It has wide corridors, three access to the superior deck (by stern, by bow from the living room and from the castle).

In this case, it is worth noting that when passengers embark, they can climb to the upper deck directly or descend from the deck to the living room through a comfortable fixed ramp practicable for wheelchairs in the stern area that saves the difference between the main deck and the bulwark

The boat has two bathrooms in the main deck, one of them for disabled people, bar, coffee shop, submarine vision, public address System, sliding side windows, screen to see the seabed from the main deck,...