Customized boat construction




Innovation for DALMAU SHIPYARD has always been a way of understanding the business of manufacturing of ships, rather than a goal.

Our company has been pioneer since the beginnings in disign and manufacturing of ships, always offering to the market a product ahead of its time, with added value to ensure that our clients acquire a better product than their competitors and this way contribute to value generation in their companies.

The objective of our company is not building ships, is to build the best ship considering the demands of our customers. This has forced Dalmau Shipyard to work always one step ahead, implementing the new productive techniques that have been appeared.

Our company has been a pioneer in the manufacture of fiberglass boats in our country, in the manufacturinf of catamarans for professional uses (Fishing, Passage, Work), pioneer in providing passenger boats with underwater vision, ein the development of designs and aesthetic concepts advanced in its times, in the design of ships in 3D, pioneer in boats manufacture by infusion, in manufacturing highly efficient catamarans , in manufacturing a seagoing catamaran with capacity for 150 passengers 100% elèctric, ...

Everything to continue providing our customers with high added value ships, for us innovation is not a fad, it is a way of working.