Customized boat construction


Passage, Up to 100 places


The “Picardie II” is a sail catamaran of 20 meters length and 8,58 meters of beam that can accommodate up to 97 people divided into two decks. The sailboat has: - Sunbathing area on the bow - Cabin with large crystals - Open area on the upper deck - Two bars - Submarine vision - A projector and a projection screen - Kitchen with a large structural fridge - Two shipments to each side and a bow - Colored lights in different areas - Professional music equipment It is a very light passenger catamaran designed to offer maximum comfort to passengers and make him feel that they are sailing in his own yacht. It is a very efficient boat that is propelled by two engines Iveco, but can navigate without engines, with the corresponding saving oil involved.

Length 20'98 m Beam 8'58 m
Depth 2'63 m Engines 2 x Iveco
Passengers 97 Pax Base Le Grau-du-Roi (francia)

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