Customized boat construction





This fantastic hybrid passenger catamaran, "MUNDO MARINO ECO", has been built at the Dalmau Shipyard.

Comfort, ecology and space for the passenger

Drassanes Dalmau has built a wide and open ship, adapted for people with reduced mobility, which allows to passenger great mobility on the decks. The available and big space for passengers is the most important protagonist of this boat.

It is a ship destined for 150 passengers, but really the dimensions and spaces are suitable for 250 passengers. This new ecological catamaran, built in the year of the Covid-19, has been precisely designed to offer passengers a fluidity of spaces more than usual, which will really be highly appreciated at this moment.

It is another hybrid sailing catamaran with two large decks. Drassanes Dalmau is becoming a benchmark in the construction of these types of hybrid boat, more environmentally friendly. By using high-quality materials and optimizing the manufacturing processes, we achieve resistant, lighter and more efficient boats. With all this, from Drassanes Dalmau we continue to do our bit to enjoy safer and more comfortable and sustainable navigation.

On this occasion, the client has requested a catamaran with a refined design that has a large open but protected space where they can offer the option of holding events of all kinds, regular trips, private excursions, barbecues, etc... Passengers can enjoy a solarium in the bow for sunbathing and relaxing, savouring a meal cooked on the barbecue, listening good music or simply seeing the views of the Mediterranean coast from the excellent panoramic view offered by the large windows of the boat without forgetting the wide flybridge at the top. At night, the led lights arranged throughout the roof of the lower deck offering warmth where enjoying sailing mixes with elegance, achieving a remarkable sensation of exclusivity.

Safety, efficiency and speed protecting the environment

In this case, the "MUNDO MARINO ECO", following in the wake of the other hybrid and electric boats manufactured by Dalmau Shipyard, offers the possibility of navigating exclusively in electric mode, without emissions or noise pollution, due the thermal engines, which in combination of sailing and with the optimization of the hull focused on offering a calm and comfortable navigation,  offering the passenger a comfort and a sensation of navigation clearly differentiated from traditional boats. The electrical system has a lithium ion battery with quick chargers already integrated in the boat, allowing the system to be recharged by connecting in port in less than two hours. In addition, the ship has an energy regeneration system that recharges the battery when sailing or using thermal engines. The hybrid combination is especially interesting for this type of boat since they offer the possibility of sailing using the advantages of two different technologies, guaranteeing safety at all times and offering more propulsion possibilities than a conventional boat; On the other hand, in electric mode, we have respect for the environment, a feeling of comfort that it is inaccessible in boats with a combustion engine and also offering low energy costs, and at the same time, we have all the power and autonomy of a diesel ship to navigate high speeds or on long distance routes.

The sail system is designed for a centralized and safe use from the second command bridge located on the flybridge, also offering in this case the possibility of installing the gennaker to further increase in this ship's the sailing performance.